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Welcome to this site!

Here I will introduce you to my growing with hydroponics.  It's a show and tell and a place where you can pick-up some hopefully good information on hydroponics.


Well here I am sharing one of my hobbies.  I enjoy Hydroponics, mostly growing tomatoes.  For those who might not know what is hydroponics it is growing without soil.  Soil happens to carry lots of diseases, and without it you don't get those nasty weeds and have more control with bugs.  Most everthing is automated in a greenhouse environment like water, fans, heat, cooling, humidity so I can leave this hobby for weeks at a time if I have too, and things are not going to die or get out of hand.  With hydroponic the goal is to always have the right environment and food for the plant so the plants grow their fastest, healthiest and a longer growing season.



Made my own hydroponic systems out of the UV PVC fence posts, then sheep tanks, pumps, hearters, and all the plumbing.  If you were to order one of these units it would cost $3000. I made all three for half that price!



A lady I read that moved her three year old plants to the valley they were twenty-four feet long!  I have been told they grow longer.  I do grow more than tomatos but mainly tomatoes. 
I have grown cucumbers, peas,  lettuce, bell peppers, habaneros, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and other things all hydroponicly.  The goal is giving the plants the most perfect environment, and perfect vitamins and minerals which then they give you the most they can produce.  They really do grow much faster that  most people think in these conditions. I kept the importain thing to say for last, and that is the flavor is fit only for kings and queens!  Just ask anyone who has tasted any of the produce from my greenhouse.


Extra Page Photos:

  1. Early April you can see tomatos climbing up the twine which will be slowly let down as plant grows. You must prune all suckers off your vines, making one main vine growing up the twine. Wow I rhyme!
  2. Here are four kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, hot peppers, and some yellow neck squash
  3. Here off to your right you can see some of the twelve cherry tomatos blooming early April.  everything here was planted mid February buy seed.

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I had fun making my own greenhouse. I framed our used Costco car port we had with 2x4's and added  a special plastic, then power, fans, vent, door, swamp cooler, etc. and Voille a greenhouse!



I have been growing like this now for going on the fourth year now.  At the end of the season around the late October, early November my tomatos are over fifteen feet long.  I have not used grow lights be because of the cost but if you grow all year long your vines just keep growing. 


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Above picture and below is a habenero pepper plant gave me close to four hundrad peppers. It would have keep growing more but I had to cut it down because of plans to move my systems around for next year.

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