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Hydro Photos

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My first two systems made before building my greenhouse.


Here my first two systems the manifolds were not made out of black pipe but PVC.


Here you see me framing the carport frame with two by fours (wood) for something two attach the plastic too.


Homemade swamp cooler made over  the vents turn on with the thermostat for cool air intake.


Two swamp coolers and two vents from the east side of the greenhouse. 
New change for this year April '02


The Temp readings and thormostat controls found in the middle of the greenhouse, coming down from the roof line.


Hundred gallon utility sink that doubles as a tank to pre-mix my solutions before going in to the hydro systems.


I installed this bug zapper which takes care of those nasty pests that make their way in through the door.  It turns on for two hours after sundown.


I have fans turns on with timemers to keep the air aways moving.


Filters were added this year and have been a great plus.  They keep the solution from clogging up the jets and keep the solution clean which helps for clean roots and the tanks stay clean.  They are Rain-Bird fliters for hafe inch black pipe.



Here is what I use for my pollinator, it's a stick taped to a back massager which in put it under the stem of the blossoms.  It works great, my bug pollinator.


Early April you can see tomatos climbing up the twine which will be slowly let down as plant grows. You must prune all suckers off your vines, making one main vine growing up the twine. Wow I rhyme!


Here are four kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, hot peppers, and some yellow neck squash


Here off to your right you can see some of the twelve cherry tomatos blooming early April.  everything here was planted mid February buy seed.


Well here is mid October tomatoes I keep letting the vines down more and more.


I tried a Habanero pepper plant this year and it did very well, almost 400 peppers.


Buy lifting up the branches you can see all the habanero peppers.