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Easy Online Order Page    'Build your orders to your needs.' 

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Party Style  email Caricatures
Fun fast black & White heads only
$8.00 One Person

$16.00 Two person

$5.00 For each extra persons above two
(Not for one face per page ordering)

$4.00 add quick color to Party Caricature Order (per page).

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Sketch & Color Style email Caricatures

$12.50   One Person

$20.50 Two Person

$5.00 For each extra persons above two
(Not for one face per page ordering)

$3.50 To add for each body or one special prop
(For props drawn for their specific detail)

Note that if you request black a & white drawing of a sketch & color style it will be the same price.

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To order an email Caricature Painting 
send your photos and information and I will send you back your online bid and payment list.

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Pay-Pal, Need NOT to be a member
Money orders accepted

How to send a Photo:

Good Photo

    See that the face is at least the size of the head of a spoon (print size) bigger is better.  Need at least one photo emailed to draw from.  The better the photo and more photos you send, the better the likeness will be.  

Really Look at Your Photo

This is not as easy as it sounds, but examine the details AS IF you do not know this person.  Does this photo look like them, can I see the shape of the hair, are there shadows in the eyes?  Take a look at the photo and see what might not be there which is needed. 

Send Photos by Email as Follows:

Email a CLEAR, CLOSE-UP of the face with details with a resolution no less than 75.  The face needs to be a the size of the head of a spoon or larger (print size). 

(Photo work above can be done by using most any computer photo program. )

Add information like what color are the eyes, hair etc.  This is helpful even with sending a colored photo.

Note which caricature style you want, if you want bodies or extras, or copyrights.


View cart, edit & pay. 

---> After payment then email your photos. 
(Orders are first payed first filled.)
Most orders are filled within five working days.
Email all photos, questions, information, all to :