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Sharing some Photo Fun of  Hydro Growing!

I love to sprinkle habenero or chili spice on on everthing, not just my eggs!  I even put a spinkle on the meat in my sandwiches for lunch.  What I have here are pictures of how I have processed the peppers. 


So I did some harvests on my chilis. This will keep me happy all year long after I process these.

Ok everything in the food dryer!  But only after I pull off the stems and cut each chili in hafe long ways.  Cuting them makes them dry much quicker.


This drying time with all these trays took three days.  Making sure I rotating them so all the trays dryed evenly.

This is the same process I use for the habenero peppers as well.


So now that it's all dry (VERY DRY), I can now take it to our blender.  We own a very nice Viti-Mix blender.  Which makes this very fast and easy.  I put in about two cups and put it on high. 

The blender needs to really be done outside and well as the food dryer.  


Processing hot  peppers can be very dangers so it needs to be done with having the right knowledge to do so.

After the blending is done I take it 'as is' and put it in some old but wash and clean spice containers.  Now ready for all the hot spice in life!


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